QCMI manufacturing partners can produce a wide range of high strength fasteners and machine parts, either to your specifications or to select industry standards (e.g. ANSI/ASME).

We can achieve 20ppm error rates by using appropriate authomated sorting technology when required,

QCMI manufacturing partners offer a broad range of capabilities for production of fasteners and related components, including:


Our manufacturers are experienced at working with a wide range of materials, including stainless, carbon or spring steel, aluminium and brass.


We can work with a range of specifications, including ANSI, ASME, DIN, ISO and ASTM.

Surface Treatments

We offer a wide range of surface treatments that may be required by different industries and specifications, including: black/white/yellow zinc, black oxide, multi-layered and others.

Quality Assurance

Many of our partner manufacturers offer advanced inspection capabilities utilizing in-house labs. In addition we can also provide PPAP III, MSDS and more.

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