QCMI manufacturing partners offer a wide range of forging capabilities, as well as a range of surface treatments and machining options.

Most forging customers also take advantage of the quality assurance and control processes that we offer.

Our forging capabilities include:


A full range of steel, including carbon, stainless, alloy and tool steel. We can also work with customized materials to your specifications.


Hot and roll forging, as well as impression and open die processes.

Heat Treatments

Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, Nitriding, Carbonnitriding, Carburizing and Induction Hardening.

Surface Treatments

Anodizing, Coating, CVD/PVD Plating, Plating and Phosphate.

Quality Inspection

Hardness, Impact, MT, Spectrometer, Tensile strength, Ultrasonic and X-Ray.


ASTM, AMSE, DIN, SIS, GB and others.


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